School dance images01
Ms. Merrill teaching the students at an elementary school
School dance images02
Public school children learning to dance
School dance images03
Ladies and gentlemen are partner dancing at Lane Elementary
School dance images04
Swing dancing at McKinley Elementary
School dance images05
Can you do the dance steps back to back?
School dance images06
Demonstrating the balloon dance
School dance images07
Stop laughing or we will drop the balloon!
School dance images08
Be careful - we want to win
School dance images09
Cotillion dance at an elementary school
School dance images10
Steady - this is not as easy as you think
School dance images11
Ms. Merrill and the gentlemen in a football huddle - getting special directions
School dance images12
Free style dancing at an elementary school
School dance images13
This is fun!
School dance images14
Quail Lake Junior High Dance, "May I cut in?"
School dance images15
Swing dancing at Quail Lake Junior High

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