Teacher Training

Teacher Training Workshops

The training of teachers, both as individuals or in groups, has been a specialty for Cynthia Merrill during her long career in dance and education. She started with workshops for teachers in Fresno Unified and for students at Fresno State when she first moved to Fresno. In her Performing Arts School in Fresno, California, Cynthia has trained and personally directed many young people to be exceptional teachers of dance and as choreographers. In each of her three schools, one in Massachusetts, one in Texas and the one in Fresno, California, Cynthia has had teacher training programs. She has continued to mentor these teachers over the years providing them with curriculum materials, music and advice. Many have their own dance schools now or have continued successfully working in public education or in the dance schools of others. Cynthia's love of teaching, enthusiasm and motivating skills has encouraged many young people to go into academic and artistic careers as teachers.

If you are interested in becoming a dance or elementary classroom teacher, have need for advice on curriculum and class discipline for your dance classes or in your academic classrooms or wish to start a dance school, please contact Cynthia.

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