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The following manuals and CDs will be created by Cynthia Merrill as a future project.  Listed below are the four topics in her “How To” series.

Please contact us using the form below to show your interest and to be added to our list of contacts to be notified when a project is completed.

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  ___ “How To” Develop a Cotillion Program of Ballroom Dance and Etiquette
  ___ “How To” Develop Curriculum for Creative Dance in a Dance Studio for ages 2 to 7
  ___ “How To” Organize and Create a Story Ballet for All Age of Children
  ___ “How To” Introduce and Include Creative Dance in Academic Classrooms
  ___ “How To” Teach Your Children Etiquette
  ___ “How To” Prepare Yourself for Today's Etiquette Expectations

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