Cynthia Merrill


The following are part of the Etiquette Training -
Dress Code: Children are expected to adhere to the dress code. Ladies must wear a dress or skirt.
Gentlemen must wear slacks, shirt and tie. (Add a sport coat for the Restaurant Workshop and High School Seminars.)
RSVP: Invitations will be mailed and Students (not parents) are expected to RSVP
acceptance or regrets by telephone or email.
(559) 240 - 7369
Thank You Notes: Students are expected to write Thank You Notes addressed to Ms. Merrill
after the conclusion of each workshop.

All Workshops are held at Cynthia Merrill's Residence in Old Fig Garden
Address to be included with invitations

Serving: Tea, Sandwiches and Sweets. Map is Available Here
Restaurant Workshop Location:
International Catering Company
Serving: Five-Course Meal


Call (559) 222-2042
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