Cynthia Merrill Projects is an umbrella organization dedicated to providing quality programs in dance and etiquette for both children and adults privately and in public school education. Cynthia Merrill Projects is a lifetime accumulation of passion, education, creativity, leadership and hard work.  Cynthia  Merrill has spent her life as an educator in public schools, a dancer and dance instructor, an etiquette and business consultant and owner and artistic director of a performing arts school and as a professional businesswoman.

Cynthia Merrill Projects is a business opportunity to share with the public a lifetime of knowledge and a series of original programs proven to be successful.

The Cotillion is a once a month program of instruction in ballroom, contemporary dance, social dance and etiquette taught in a party environment with refreshments and mixer games for children ages 10 to 18. The children are grouped by age - 5th/6th grade, 7th /12th grade. (Link to cotillion)

Classes in etiquette, ballroom dance, all other dance styles, drama, music or art can be arranged through Cynthia Merrill for any public or private school (during school or after school programs), girl or boy scout troupes, church groups or any organization involving children and adults.
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public education.)

Classes can be individually arranged for private or group instruction for adults, businesses and children. Children's etiquette workshops and etiquette tea parties are scheduled throughout the year.
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A teenage ballroom dance team is available for community performances. (Link to entertainment)

Entertainment for community events can be arranged through Cynthia Merrill. She will plan a program for you using talented children and teens dancing Ballroom and Latin dances. (Link to entertainment)

Cynthia specializes in business that works with or caters to children and the arts. In assisting dance school businesses, two of Cynthia's former customers have tripled their enrollment and successfully increased the creativity in their curriculum. (Link to business consulting)

Cynthia Merrill is available as a public speaker to any organization interested in her areas of experience and expertise: business and social etiquette, image, communication and professional dress, etiquette for children,adults and  professionals,  business consultation and using  ballroom dance to teach manners and build confidence. Please see the public speaking link for a suggested list of topics. (Link to public speaking)

As a future project, Cynthia Merrill will provide written manuals and instructional CDs on a multitude of topics dealing with Dance, Cotillion, Etiquette, children and the arts. (Link to publications)