Cotillion Ballroom Demonstration Team

Thank you for your interest in joining the COTILLION BALLROOM DEMONSTRATION DANCE TEAM referred to as DEMO TEAM. You will be learning more advanced ballroom dance steps and choreographies in Ballroom and Latin dance along with other dance styles. The dance routines will be performed at Cotillions and at community events.

Demo Ballroom Dance Team, 2013-2014.
Dashiell Bibler, Jordan Castro,  Baylee Diaso, Lauren Gil, Meg Glaser, Ty Hayashi, Lauren Heibert,

Isaak Hoffman, Soren Hoffman, Wolfgang Hoffman, Julia Hood, Ashley Hovland, Jeremy Hovland, Regan Jung,  

 Audra Linney, Blake McAllister, Julia Prieta, Jessica Raef,  Mikhale Saldivar, Madison Seib,  Neil Williamson

  1. To attend all classes held once a week on Tuesday from 7:00 to 8:30 PM for the beginning team and from 7:00 to 9:00 PM for the intermediate/advanced team.
  2. To wear the dress code for lessons of black skirts and white tops for ladies and black slacks and white shirts for gentlemen and the required dance shoes; character shoes for women and ballroom shoes for men.
  3. To be responsible and call Mrs. Merrill (or the choreography teacher) if you will not be able to attend the lesson. Call (559) 240-7369.
  4. To be available for performances in the community and at Cotillions.
  5. To call or e-mail Mrs. Merrill if unable to attend a Cotillion. Please see the above telephone numbers. E-mail address is
  6. To dress appropriately for each Cotillion. Gentlemen wear a tie at every Cotillion.
  7. To attend the leadership meeting and dance routine practice at 4:15 PM before each Saturday Cotillion - October through February.
  8. To help teach dance steps and demonstrate at Cotillions, as well as help set up and clean up after a Cotillion.
  9. To assist at etiquette workshops and at elementary or middle school dances. Members must have taken at least two etiquette classes and been on a dining skills workshop in a restaurant prior to joining and if they have not taken these classes, they must sign up as a paying student at the next  three available workshops.
  10. To acquire leadership skills and be a positive role model for other Cotillion students and young people in our community.
  11. To have fun, make good friends and become an OUTSTANDING dancer.
  12. To learn dependability, responsibility, and have a good work ethic.
  13. To keep a record of your community service for school awards and for your resume for college.

Tuition for the Demo Team lessons is discounted  (and each year there after discounted more) in exchange for help at the Cotillions. This is viewed as a work scholarship.